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The Lakeside Stables Horses

Get to know them



Diamond (2003) is a roping quarterhorse who arrived already accustomed to life on the ranch. She puts herself in her stall at the end of the day.  This mare surprised us all when she got along so well with the other horses.  Dawson is her bestie.



Dawson (2010) is a thoroughbred trained for English Hunter Jumper competitions.  He is the messiest of all the LSS horses.  He loves to roll in the dirt right after a bath. At 15.5 hands tall - he is magnificent and graceful!



Rowdy (2008) was a Western horse who ended up in an English training barn. A bit out of place and grumpy with pasture mates, he spent most of his time in his stall.  His one buddy was Dawson, so Rowdy came along when Dawson moved to the ranch.

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