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The JLR Apiary & Products

  • Interest in bees has been present in the Lavender family for years.  Wilson's aunt, Margie Lavender, introduced Wilson to hives when he was only 4 years old (see photos).  Even at this early age, his curiosity far outweighed any fear of bees.  

  • Fast forward over a decade to 2020 when JLR got its first hive.  Dr Lavender and Wilson dove into the joy of beekeeping, and were ecstatic to produce honey their first year.  And Aunt Margie transitioned from beekeeping to an outspoken advocate for pollinator pathways.   

  • JLR continues to add to its apiary annually and plant bee friendly plants for all the bees in the area.  The hives are maintained and the honey is collected entirely by Wilson and Dr Lavender. 


  • Honey - JLR honey is light in color and very smooth.  It is the product of the wildflowers of the area and carries that diverse floral flavor.

  • SIZES - 8 oz ($12)

  •               4 oz ($8)

  •                2 oz ($5)

  • *** Wholesale available for 20% for quantities of 10 or more

  • Honey Sugar Body Scrub - COMING

  • Beeswax candles - COMING

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